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Metal Detox

Vaccines themselves are not harmful for our children but studies have shown that children on the spectrum have high amounts of Mercury in their systems - Mercury is the main component in Thimerosal and Thimerosal is the preservative they use in vaccines to increase shelf-life. 

I'm not saying don't vaccinate but what I am saying is, keep all the good and detox the bad. I personally believe that it was after Alijah's 12 month vaccine that her body had reached it's limit with Mercury and that's when we started seeing early signs of regression

I detoxed with the following:


baths. 1 every night for 30 nights.

detoxification bath = 1 tsp. organic essential lavendar oil & 2 tbsp epsom salt

Vitamin A is responsible for helping us with our cognition. Pure Vitamin A  can be given as a once a day vitamin in the form of a pill or you can even just add a few drops to a drink your child already regularly drinks. (I used "Dropi Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil" it's organic and can be found on Amazon)

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