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Our Story

Hi there.. 

To start, my name is Allyson and my daughter's name is Alijah. I'm 25 and Alijah is 2. When Alijah was 14 months old she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Frankly, I had already made my own diagnosis beforehand. She had started regressing at 12 months old and I noticed right away. Out of nowhere, my baby didn't recognize the calling of her name even though she had looked up at the sound of her name since 3-4 months old. She wouldn't make eye contact, she suddenly hated hugs. She was toe walking, nonverbal, waking up all night and constantly constipated. I (being the hypochondriac that I am) was on google right away when I first noticed these random things happening. I read tons of blogs from other moms, and watched informational YouTube videos for hours in one sitting until I was certain of it: Alijah is on the spectrum. I took her to her pediatrician the same week I "diagnosed" her myself and told them I needed her evaluated because "I just knew." They were hesitant and looking for other reasons why she may not be speaking or answering to her name. ("maybe she needs her ears tested?!") but they gave me the referral list for an early intervention program nonetheless. Long story short she passed (or failed?) their test with flying colors and was very much -- by their standards -- on the spectrum. Now, please never mistake me.. of course I love my baby girl no matter what and I see this as part of her and it makes her so very special and unique in her own ways. HOWEVER, I was not willing to stand by and watch her be robbed of her happiness. She was in constant discomfort. (did I mention she would grind her teeth all day too? I could go on for days.) So! I decided: research got me this far, let's see, what else do my fellow mothers on the net have to offer me? I was, again, up all night and learned SO MUCH. How autism is related to the gut just as much as it is related to the brain. If your tummy is upset so is your mind. I changed Alijah's diet immediately. (Like the very next morning)and within months she was speaking again and making eye contact, running at the call of her name, and sleeping through the night!! It isn't always easy to stick to her diet while on vacations or for other children's birthday parties for example, but it is so worth it to see the light back in my baby's eyes again. I won't get into anything too much here but if you're on this site it's because someone gave you my card and if someone gave you my card: PLEASE HEAR ME OUT and let me show you how I helped my baby communicate again. I cannot cure autism, nobody can. But, as a mother, I'm telling you the difference in her was day and night. Now, at the age of 2, Alijah counts to 30, knows her alphabet, can read (recognize?) 10+words, knows all of her animals and colors. Looks me in the eye every morning and says "good morning" with a smile on her face, says hi to everyone(and I mean EVERYONE) she sees and LOVES other children.. especially babies! (I forgot to mention how she literally never even noticed there was a child next to her when we would bring her around them. Before changing her diet, she was always isolated in her own little world) 


Just recently, on a family vacation, our angel Alijah passed away. I won't get into the details but I know my baby wasn't sent to me so briefly in vein. She taught me so much while she was here. Being her mommy made me so strong and made me have to educate myself on things I was so oblivious to before her. I just want to help as many people as I can. Whoever will allow me to do so. Please call me or text me. It's just advice! It's free and can ONLY help not hurt you or your little one!

Autism Speaks and it's our job to help them find their voice.

Best wishes and blessings, 

Allyson x Alijah

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