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Our goal is to spread true Autism Awareness


Diet/Lifestyle Change

Daily vitamins and probiotics are essential to having a balanced gut which ultimately helps things flow easier in the brain..


Metal Detox

Vaccines themselves are not harmful for our children but studies have shown that children on the spectrum have high amounts of..


60 Day "Challenge"

Here at Alijah's Awareness, we suggest trying out your own diet/lifestyle change at home, even if only for 60 days. We..

Therapy Sessions
Our Story

Hi there.. 

To start, my name is Allyson and my daughter's name is Alijah. I'm 25 and Alijah is 2. When Alijah was 14 months old she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Frankly, I had already made my own diagnosis beforehand. She had started regressing at 12 months old and I..

Our Approach

Detoxification and a diet change that caters to a child's wants and not just the needs! These lifestyle modifications can improve our loved ones' quality of life and increase cognition. We know that Autism SPEAKS and here's how.. 

This is a great post. I think you did an amazing job with all your research and being proactive in your baby’s health. I’m actually a recently graduated doctor and totally agree with you. God Bless!

Christine 08/11/2020


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